#1 Stone-Coated Steel Metal Roofing DECRA Metal Roofing

However this is a small price to pay for the durability, longevity, energy efficiency, warranty and fire resistance that PVC has. While a TPO and EPDM membrane can continue to burn, spread and melt the material, the Duro-Last PVC membrane will work to self-extinguish the flames. Keep in mind that comes at a significant cost increase, and can be more cost-effective to simply retrofit. The experienced team at Sentry Roofing understands where the drains must be located and the proper height to avoid puddling.
Because the materials are custom they typically take up to a week to arrive. When not working in the Midwest we donate our time to mission-based construction projects in Mexico, Haiti, and Costa Rica. Houston Commercial Roofing Aerospace industry client suffered damage to their skylight system during a storm. We conducted an on-site inspection and fixed the damage 24 hours.
The most commonly used commercial roofing application, PVC is a layer of thermoplastic material. Roof failure is not an option for an industrial property and business disruption for repairs can be deadly to the bottom line. A leaking roof can cause damage to sensitive equipment, inventory and other assets, not to mention the risk to the workers on the premises.
A liquid applied roofing membrane is constructed in place with resin and a reinforcing polyester. It offers superior waterproofing capabilities because it’s able to reach those harder to get to areas. It is sprayed on, or roller applied, usually in two separate coats.
Our professional and skilled workforce can take care of all your commercial, business and industrail roofing requirements, whether a new-build, repair to an existing roof or refurbishment. Regardless of the size of the job we will deliver a tailored solution for you and your property, based on the wealth of experience we have accumulated from years of specialist roofing installations. If you are looking for a professional commercial roofing contractor, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly team today for free advice and a no obligation quoation. ACS is recognized as a leading commercial roofing contractor in the nation by multiple manufacturers.
They are also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly commercial roofing material. We’re proud to have worked on some of Hawaii’s most iconic and challenging buildings, having installed nearly every type of roofing system in a variety of environments. We constantly integrate proven products and processes to ensure quality workmanship and efficient execution. Choice Roof Contractor Group is an association of trusted and endorsed roofing contractors who are among the best in the nation. The group was founded to provide building owners with more peace of mind while giving contractors a strong base of resources for their companies. Acrylic coatings can be applied to a variety of roof types and are the preferred alternative to replacement approximately 80% of the time.
In addition to commercial roof repair, our highly trained technicians offer replacement, maintenance, installation and construction services. EPDM is a very cost-effective solution for commercial roofing projects. And it’s durability means that when properly installed, an EPDM roof can last more than 20 years. EPDM is also considered to be environmentally friendly and easy to install by a professional.
With access to the best contractors across the U.S and back-up teams from our area, your large, commercial roof won’t intimidate us. We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the curve implementing new systems, products and techniques that allow us to deliver cost-effective installations. Barrie Roofing focused software programs also allow us to provide timely information to our clients for planning and budgeting purposes. When you’re in a quandary regarding which roofing product to choose for your commercial building, a Choice Roof Contractor member can offer you the professional advice and services you need. The group utilizes products that are created in the United States, keeping along with the trend of providing reliable, local services for business owners and property managers.